vestibule: A small entrance hall or passage between the outer door and the interior of a house or building. vestibule · Architecturea passage, hall, or small chamber between the outer door and the interior parts of a house or building. · Rail Transportan enclosed. VESTIBULE meaning: an entrance hall inside a building. Adding a Vestibule Can Bolster your Facility's Security. Security Vestibules In many cases, vestibules will act as a buffer zone not just for bad weather, but. A vestibule is a small area located just inside the entrance to a building. It serves as a transition from the public into a more private space, creates privacy.

The vestibule refers to the small area or chamber located at the entrance of a body cavity. The vestibule can refer to different anatomical structures, such as. The cleft between the labia minora and behind the glans clitoridis is named the vestibule of the vagina: in it are seen the urethral and vaginal orifices. Vestibule: In medicine and dentistry, a space or cavity at the entrance to a canal, channel, tube, or vessel. For instance, the front of the mouth is a. In other languages. vestibule A hallway is the entrance hall of a house or other building. American English: hallway. The Vestibule. art. current & upcoming · past · events · about · contact · press · current the vestibule. the vestibule. 01_Yeon+Jin+Kim_kurushar.ru · Spring. The vestibule sits between and connects the cochlea and semicircular canals and helps to maintain equilibrium (Figs. and ). Within the vestibule are. The vestibule is the central part of the osseous labyrinth, and is situated medial to the tympanic cavity, behind the cochlea, and in front of the. Read medical definition of Vaginal vestibule. Where does the noun vestibule come from? The earliest known use of the noun vestibule is in the early s. OED's earliest evidence for vestibule is from.

The theme of the Vestibule is “Gifts of Nature to Man on the Plains”. The sun, an important gift of nature, is represented in the top of the dome, the. A vestibule is a small room leading into a larger space such as a lobby, entrance hall or passage, for the purpose of waiting, withholding the larger space. Synonyms for VESTIBULE: foyer, hallway, lobby, entry, doorway, entryway, hall, entranceway, door, lounge. A glass vestibule entry is an empty, small, enclosed area located at the building's entrance, separating the central interior from the. Feb 19, - Updating a rowhome entryway. See more ideas about vestibule, entryway, house design. The vestibule (Latin: vestibulum labyrinthi, vestibulum auris) is the central part of the bony labyrinth of the internal ear that houses the utricle and. The vestibule is a structure within the inner (or internal) ear that is responsible for detecting movement and acceleration in the vertical and horizontal. A vestibule is an enclosed area between the outside door of a building and the inside door. [formal]. Random Term from the Dictionary: VESTIBULE. Originally an entrance courtyard, and later any entrance to a place. Now commonly applied to the anteroom of a.

VESTIBULE meaning: 1. a small room just inside the outer door of a public building where you can leave your coat. Learn more. Definition of vestibule noun in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and. kurushar.ru - Meaning of vestibule and a memory aid (called Mnemonic) to retain that meaning for long time in our memory. vestibule. Description. A narrow, natural space between the exteriors of the teeth and the interiors of the lips and cheeks. The vestibule is bordered along its.

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